We rock, the kids win. And if we do it right, they'll win big
category: Donations

So we have a friend. And that friend has a really cool job – he’s a voice actor for the Venture Bros (among a bunch of other rad projects). And he’s a really nice friend, because he’s coming to the benefit tonight! And, he’s bringing three copies of Venture Bros. Season 3 on Blu-Ray and, oh yeah, they’re signed by the whole cast! Don’t say we never asked for any cool prizes for ya :)

category: Donations

Sorry for the jumble post, but we’ve got to get this party set up, so this is going to be a quickie.

Some amazing new items have come in:

  • Two tickets to tomorrow’s Wild game (color us totally jealous for whomever gets to go!)
  • Two haircuts at the Uptown Hair District (check out organizers Chris and Anne for samples of their work – they have amazing hair :) )
  • A one-hour photo shoot with Digital Crush (valued at $300 and they’ll make you look purdy)

The support for this event has been amazing. Thanks so, so much!

category: Donations

The Weisman is awesome – an amazing space with art that’s always interesting and worth checking out. They have an event tonight (a great opening from a couple’s private collection), but there’s no rivalry between our gig and theirs – they’ve donated a free household membership for us to set up as a prize for you!

A crew is making a field trip of the two events, so head to the Weisman and then scurry over to the 501 to rock out! It’s a win/win! Thanks Weisman!

category: Donations

As if we didn’t already love the Minnesota RollerGirls to freaking pieces for helping us out on-site at tonight’s Be Excellent event, they listed it as their Featured Event, are going to play some Rock Band on stage, and are amazingly supportive and way fun. But wait, there’s more! They’re donating a huge pack of goodies – tickets to any bout this season, pint glasses, cozies, lip gloss, bracelets, the works!

Thanks again to the RollerGirls. You are all totally amazing!

category: Donations

The Quiet Drive crew just put out a new CD (on October 13th!) and they were rad enough to send us a few copies of that new disc as well as their earlier, acclaimed release. Look for them tonight!

category: Donations

You want to know who gives the best tours? Like the greatest, informative (but not dull), lively (but not coy) tours? That’s Game Informer Editor in Chief Andy McNamara. He and the rest of the noble GI crew have been kind enough to let us give away a visit to the offices – check out people’s desks (sounds silly, but totally worth it), learn that they don’t really get to play video games all day (but a good portion of it, sure), and see the vault in all of its amazing glory! Maybe, you should ask them how much they like this post written by one of their former editors. I think the’ll particularly enjoy the run-on sentences and the other ones that start with pronouns… or┬áparenthetical… or something.

Anyway, the office is great and you’ll tool around for an hour with Andy and it really is a good time. Say hi, though, it’s intimidating on both sides!

The GI crew also went through their stash of swag for the year and bundled up some amazing stuff that we’ve worked into a number of different packages for the night. Keep an eye out for:

  • 10 two-year subscriptions
  • some sweet polo shirts
  • Blik Super Mario Bros. wall graphics
  • Games (PS3, 360, and Wii)
  • a War Beast guitar!
  • StarCraft II messenger bag
  • Zelda Wii accessory kit
  • and a couple more surprises!

Game Informer rules! Thanks guys!

category: Donations

Oh Square Enix, you so crazy! We called, we mentioned the event we were organizing, and you said you’d help. That’s great! We were jazzed. Then the boxes came. We’re short a supurlative with a higher level than jazzed… beside ourselves? …jealous of whomever wins this haul? …kind of spazzy with excitement? All of those are too long. Anyway, you get the point. We have two lots – one for Final Fantasy VII and one for Kingdom Hearts, both alike in dignity.

The Final Fanasy VII pack:

  • Final Fantasy VII Play Arts Cloud Strife and Hardy-DAYTONA bike figure
  • Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Zach Fair figure
  • Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife figure
  • Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Aerith Gainsborough figure
  • Final Fantasy VII Play Arts Vol. 2 Sephiroth figure
  • Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII PSP
  • Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Blu-Ray

Oh, and not to undersell, but there’s the Kingdom Hearts set too. What an embarrassment of amazing riches!

The Kingdom Hearts pack:

  • Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Arms figures
  • Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Vol. 2 No. 4 Sora figure
  • Kingdom Hearts Play Arts No. 1 Sora figure
  • Kingdom Hearts Play Arts No. 3 King Mickey figure
  • Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Vol. 2 No. 6 Sephiroth figure
  • Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Vol. 2 No. 5 Cloud figure
  • Kingdom Hearts re: Chain of Memories PS2
  • Two copies of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Nintendo DS
It would be a ridiculous post to show all of the figures, be feel free to Google the heck out of those descriptions – you’ll see the awesome that we’ll have available on Friday. Besides what then sent us for the event, they sent another whole box of amazing games to donate directly to the Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of MN. Thanks so, so much Square! You guys are amazing!

category: Donations

Some of you might know Claudio Sanchez from his wicked amazing band, Coheed and Cambria, but he’s a busy dude. A side project of sorts for him, called Kill Audio, is a comic series with cool vinyl toys to immortalize the great metal characters.

Thanks to one of our favorite local shops, Robot Love, we have one signed by the man himself just ready for you to win as a prize at Be Excellent to Each Other! Good luck and thanks so much, Robot Love. You rock! Might we suggest that you rock some Coheed on stage and then throw in some drawing tickets for the figure? Hint, hint

category: Donations

Ubisoft is our newest gaming donor and we’re so excited that they’re helping us out! We’re going to have two copies of the Prince of Persia collector’s edition strategy guide and art book and a copy of the game on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360! Look for them in the platform bundles we’ll have as prizes on Friday at Be Excellent to Each Other. Thanks so much Ubi, you rule!

category: Donations

The Art Institutes International Minneapolis really puts the spurs to it in their culinary track at the downtown school and they’ve gifted us with one of the kits you need to get behind the stove. This thing is crazy!

We have this in our house right now and the one pictured above has literally half of the goodies that our set does. It’s totally out of this world and comes in a super fancy, way professional, down right impressive case. As an extra bonus, we’ve also got a chef’s coat and hat, you fancy pants. You can win it Friday, so get some recipes ready, ’cause you’ll have all the gear you need! Thanks Art Institutes International Minneapolis!

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